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Project ADAPT values collaboration with other researchers. That’s why we embrace the principles of Open Science.

At our OSF page, we share our preregistrations, syntaxes and codebooks. Moreover, we are open to sharing our data with researchers who would like to use our data for scientific publications on parenting and adolescent adaptation.

Available data sets

School screening

Screening (N = 680, t = 1): 680 pupils aged 12-16 years filled out questionnaires on parenting and mental well-being.


Dutch Experience Sampling Study on Parent-Adolescent Interaction (‘Weten wat je meet’, N = 99, tmax = 111): Experience Sampling study with 99 adolescents receiving multiple questionnaires at random times during the day, for three weeks. Questions were about current emotional well-being and parent-adolescent interactions.

Go to the codebook of DESPAI


One Size Does Not Fit All (‘Elk Gezin is Anders’, N = 447, t = 26): 259 families were followed for a full year, sending out a questionnaire to parent and child every second week.

Go to the codebook of EGIA


100 Days of My Life (‘100 dagen, 100 vragen’, N = 318, t1= 100, t2 = 5): 159 parents and their child filled out 100 days of daily diaries about their well-being and parenting interactions.

Go to the codebook of HDHV

If you are interested in using our data please fill out this collaboration form and contact the PI (Loes Keijsers)

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